Viborg Museum

Viborg Museum is building a brand-new interactive city museum on Gråbrødre Kirke Stræde in the centre of the Domkirkekvarteret. It will be a museum experience in a completely new way in a historical universe that speaks to both mind and heart. The museum is being built in the former High Court building.
The location of the new city museum is no coincidence, as it purposely brings Viborg's 1,000-year history to life with a central and cultural powerhouse, where even the building can be considered a museum artefact. While we wait for the new museum to be built, they still offer many other opportunities to experience the city’s history. 

Guided tours in the Domkirkekvarteret, lectures, VIP tours, riddles for children and adults, team building, Borg & Brunch at the De fem Halder, stories from the top of Hotel Peak 12, Bryg & Brosten and much more are offered.

Read more about Viborg Museum here.