The Ancient Road Hærvejen

The road follows the watershed along the Jutland ridge, taking you through remarkable nature. The stretch between Viborg and Jelling is called the" Kongernes hærvej" because of the two town's relationship to former kings - where Viborg, for many hundreds of years, was the city where the Danish kings were paid tribute.

In the past, Hærvejen was one of the main roads in Jutland which pilgrims, traders and soldiers used extensively. One of the advantages of Hærvejen was its two tracks north- and south-bound which ensured no traffic jams. In addition its location on the Jutland ridge meant that travellers did not have to pass too many streams.
During the 19th century much of the traffic disappeared due to the addition of railways and main roads.

On Hærvejen you can combine an active holiday surrounded by breathtaking nature experiences with a historical journey through time. Here you walk directly in the footsteps of those who walked here hundreds of years ago. On a trip along the Hærvejen, you will pass through some of Jutland's most beautiful landscapes - from Dollerup Hills and Randbøl Heath to the source of Gudenåen.
You can divide the route, and along the way, you will pass several eating and accommodations, which you can plan your trip based on.

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