Cycling in the Viborg region

If you enjoy cycling, the Viborg area offers a wide range of cycling paths in various difficulty levels. Regardless of whether you are into difficult cycling paths in uneven terrain or prefer a quiet and peaceful bike ride with a steady pulse and where you get to enjoy nature.

Among the easier routes are three former railway tracks, which have been transformed into cycle paths with a solid road surface for cycling with no significant increase or decrease. The cycling routes are beautiful in scenic nature, each with its own unique expression. The Alhedestien, which goes towards Herning, the Nørreåstien, which runs along the Nørre stream to Randers and the Himmerlandsstien, which heads north through the former small fishing village Hjarbæk and along Hjarbæk Fjord towards Løgstør - one in each direction out of Viborg. All three routes have shelters and lay-bys, where you can enjoy your packed lunch.

There are many more great opportunities for cycling in the Viborg area, among others along the Gudenå.
You can read more on Cyklistforbundets website here.